The recently concluded Malaysia Super League (MSL) was a league of many moments, including the good and bad. Players and teams defined the matches, through acts of brilliants or simply moments of regrets. Nicolas Anil picks out the ones who went for broke or simply broke down.

Sharbinee Allawee

Early last year, Sharbinee Allawee was diagnosed with blood cancer, a predicament that threatened to end his career. Instead of putting away his gloves for good, the 31-year-old focused on recovering to a clean bill of health. He successfully battled away the cancer, and was ready to return to competitive action this year. Terengganu FA had not renewed his contract, but Kuala Lumpur FA were having a goalkeeper crisis and needed experienced hands. The City Boys gambled on Sharbinee, and he repaid their faith with a magnificent triple save on his second return to football, coincidentally against Terengganu. To recover from a career threatening disease is one thing, but to make an impactful return to competitive football requires a whole different level of class. Sharbinee is the biggest winner in Malaysian football this year.


BY Nicholas Anil

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