“Till the Last Breath, Kuala Lumpur”

Our History

Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA) maybe the youngest state association having been formed in 1975 but their achievements during the short period makes them the veterans at the game. KLFA, then formed as Federal Territory Football Association (FTFA), was actually a breakaway group from the FA of Selangor. Led by former Selangor FA Secretary, Mr. K. Rasalingam together with other members like Mr. Goh Ah Chai, Encik Hamzah Muhammad, Mr. M.J. Vincent, Encik Shariff Mustafa, Mr. Jeswant Singh and Mr. T. Manickarajah, they saw the need for another association in the Klang Valley because of the growing numbers of clubs. Federal Territory Football Association was officially formed in 1975 with YB Tan Sri Hamzah Bin Abu Samah as their first President. YB Tan Sri Hamzah Bin Abu Samah went on to become FA of Malaysia President in 1977 and the Federal Territory Football Association Deputy President, YM Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen Al-Haj Bin Tengku Ismail took over the helm. It was that year too Federal Territory Football Association organized their first league with Thirty (30) clubs. Then it was just One (1) Division with the clubs being divided into Three (3) groups. There are One Hundred and Sixty Six (166) clubs and the leagues are divided into several divisions for Dunhill League, Bandaraya League, First Division, Second Division, Third Division, Reserve League and Government Department and Business House League.


The following year Federal Territory Football Association was first represented at the national level when they competed in the Razak Cup Tournament for youth. It was in 1979, that Federal Territory made their debut in the Malaysia Cup. They then started off as whipping boys but then went on to pick up steam and by 1982 were already making waves to be among the top teams in the league although they failed to win any titles.

In 1984, YM Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen Al-Haj Bin Tengku Ismail stepped down as President and the Lord Mayor,  YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Elyas Bin Omar, who was also the Patron of the Federal Territory Football Association, was elected as the third president of the association.

The election of YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Elyas Bin Omar was about the best thing that happened to Federal Territory Football Association because he was so dedicated to the association that make it grew in strength from day to day. Without doubt, YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Elyas Bin Omar has played a major role in what FTFA is now. He introduced professionalism when he recruited players from other states and also from Singapore. He made available better training and playing facilities. The very next – 1985, Federal Territory Football Association reached their first ever Malaysia Cup final after only competing in the tournament for seven seasons while other states, who have been in the competition since it was inaugurated in 1921 are still trying to reached the final.

Federal Territory Football Association officially changed its name to Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Football Association in 1987, to have better identity.

Then on, Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Football Association joined the ranks of the heavyweights in the Malaysian Soccer competition which has seen them win the Charity Shield once (1987) in the four appearances, the League twice and the Malaysia Cup, three years in a row (1987 – 1989). Kuala Lumpur also supplied a good number of players for the national team over the years.

Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Football Association are also known internationally having hosted in Inter-City tournaments for several years and also through their exposure programmes with countries like Czechoslovakia, England, Australia and Germany. Reputable foreign coaches like Dr. Josef Venglos, Milous Kvacek and local coaches like Mr. Chow Kwai Lam and Mr. S. Subramaniam have played their part in Kuala Lumpur gaining their recognition.

Sponsors too have played a big role giving the monetary support to keep the ambitious plans of Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Football Association running smoothly. Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur FA, besides doing well at the senior level, have also done well at Youth level winning the Razak Cup, President Cup, Under 16 Tournaments and Under 14 Tournaments on several occasions.

Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur FA also has one of the best youth development programmes in the country and thus it is not a surprise they have a constant supply of calibre players coming from their junior ranks every year.

Indeed, they have come a long way from their minnow days to giants in a record short spell and without doubt it is through the hard work from the President, YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Elyas Bin Omar and the fans to keep Kuala Lumpur’s flag flying high. Indeed Kuala Lumpur Football Association look set to grow further with their foundation growing stronger by each day.